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Divorce is a complicated process, filled with legal uncertainties and emotional difficulties. But sometimes it is necessary to be able to move forward with your life. When you decide to go through with a divorce, you need to be assured that you have an experienced lawyer at your side. At The Law Office of Ilana R. Tanner, we have an indepth understanding of the custodial, financial, and legal aspects of divorce. We offer clear and concise guidance regarding the long-term implications of your decisions and advocate for your interests throughout the settlement negotiations, trial proceedings and beyond.

Child Custody

In most cases, it is in the best interest of the children to have both parents involved in their lives. Child Custody arrangements can haunt divorced couples for years after the divorce. It is important to outline a proactive and complete child custody strategy to protect the rights of the children, and to ensure both parents can come to an agreement with regards to decision making powers for the children. At The Law Office of Ilana R. Tanner, we make sure that the visitation schedule and breakdown of parental rights are beneficial to the well-being of the children for their future.

Child Support

We understand that raising children is a lifetime commitment and we work towards ensuring that such a commitment is honored. Under Texas law, both parents are legally accountable for costs associated with child care after child custody is determined. The courts consider the number of children in the marriage, taking into account children from a previous marriage if applicable. Child support payments are understood to cover expenses responsible for maintaining a child’s well-being, including: housing, food, transportation, educational expenses, and clothing

Gay & LGBT Family Law

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) couples encounter a unique set of legal issues surrounding family law matters. Legal issues confronting LGBT couples include the cohabitation agreements, the legal dissolution of same-sex relationships, or other assets and same-sex partner adoptions. Other legal issues that may arise involve matters concerning health insurance, power of attorney documents, advanced medical directives for health care, and estate planning. At The Law Office of Ilana R. Tanner, we are well-versed and experienced in handling the complex legal issues that may arise in these situations.


Adoption is a wonderful option for parents. And if you are thinking of adopting, it is wise to have an attorney who can guide you through the process and ensure each part of the process is attended to accurately. We offer potential parents sound and effective guidance throughout the adoption process. Our law firm strives to eliminate your stress and worry, taking care of all legal matters and handling any complications that may arise. We are eager to help you welcome a child into your life in a legal and permanent manner.

Unmarried Couples

Despite your best intentions—just as is true for your married couples—your relationship may not last forever. The legal difference is that separating can be a lot easier for unmarried couples than going through a divorce. As long as there is an agreement on how to divvy up your assets. Even if children are involved, in most states you have the opportunity to separate in private, according to whatever arrangements the two of you agree upon. But, if a resolution cannot be reached, you may end up in court. This can often be very difficult, because the codified divorce procedures that apply to married couples do not apply to those who are unmarried.

Domestic Violence

A protective order keeps one person away from another under threat of criminal enforcement. It applies to your home, job, school, etc. It is different than the more commonly known restraining order in that someone violating a protective order can be arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Due to unresolved issues that often accompany a divorce, Texas allows protective orders to be granted in post-divorce situations. While there is a relationship requirement, it can also be met if you had a child with the abuser, you are not required to have been married to them in order to successfully obtain a protective order.

Child Protective Services

The Law Office of Ilana R. Tanner is experienced in CPS cases in Travis and surrounding counties. We are familiar representing children as ad litems, but we are also well versed in representing parents rights when they are involved in a CPS case. We understand how intimating and scary the courts can be in these types of situations, and we strive to make the process easier while making sure that the rights of all of the parents are fairly represented in court.

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